Day 245

On to classical music.

Dad and I were listening to this classical music and the violinist was playing this soul-shattering-ly beautiful and heart-breaking-ly sad solo. And we just started talking about how music is a universal language. If you can read music in America you can read it in China or Ireland or Russia. It’s amazing how that is. But its universal-i-ality (totally a word) stretches beyond that.

That same beautifully sad violin solo sounds sad to other people, no matter where they are from. No one teaches you that a minor chord is sad or that a major chord is happy. It’s as though you were born knowing it. Music is kinda tied to your soul, and different things speak to different people. I’ve often thought to myself that music is the proof that God is real. That something that beautiful can be made by humans, and that we can speak to each other so much without even knowing one another. Beethoven would never meet most of the people who would enjoy his music, Tchaikovsky would never have the chance to know most of the people who would marvel in the beauty of what he wrote. But still it affects us.

We had to watch this video in English today about how education kills creativity. How as we become more afraid of being wrong, become more afraid to create. We kinda kill each other over being wrong.

I just saw a commercial for Dr. Pepper and it was a bunch of people wearing shirts that had “I am” statements on them. Like “I’m a beginner, I’m a fighter, I’m one of a kind.” and so on. It just made me think to myself “what would be on my shirt?”

Truthfully I don’t know.

Watching “Breaking In” which I love. So funny

Random Fact of the Day- It used to be thought that Perfect Pitch was a skill that a person was born with. It has been discovered that perfect pitch is a skill that can be learned.

Mission of the Day- Listen to some classical music, it will do you good.

Love you!



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