Day 246

I really don’t have much to say tonight.

I’m a strong believer in believing. When you don’t believe that there is a possibility of things happening, then they never have a chance. Negativity just drags everybody down. I’m no miss-happy-sunshine but I do my best to be positive.

The drama. There is no place for it. There is no time for it. I was trying to explain to my lovely 8th grade girls that they don’t need to worry about each other. All a friend can do is to lovingly tell the truth and then pray for that person. Worry gets you no where in life.  I’m a strong believer in letting people take care of themselves. Worrying and constantly reminding them of what it is that they are doing wrong is not a way to love someone. The best intentions don’t change the right-ness of your actions. Don’t get me wrong, worry is natural but not the right way to show that you care.

Random Fact of the Day- Today is Goof Off day!

Mission of the Day- Goof off. Goof off as best as you can.

Love you!



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