Day 253

I’m not sure what I’ve been thinking about today, if anything. I’ve kinda been in a blank brain state. Had another doctors appointment today. same old same old. They told me to just keep taking the antibiotic and drinking water. GAH! I just want to know what’s wrong so we can fix it.

I had a fabulous time today with some of my lovely friends. We walked around a trailer park giving out flyers, ate pizza at a sketchy place, laughed loudly, sang obnoxiously and had a wonderfully fun time.

You watch a TV show and your two favorite characters finally get together. Megan and Larry, Charlie and Amina from Numb3rs. Jim and Pam on the Office. Jess and Nick from New Girl. Cameron and Melanie from Breaking In. I think that the feeling you get inside, that happiness, comes from that deep desire for it to be us. And it’s true.

Random Fact of the Day- the color blue suppresses appetites, which is why many restaurants who have all you can eat buffets serve their food on blue plates.

Mission of the Day- Jam to the song “Every Time We Touch” (because it’s a great song.)

Love you!



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