Day 291

I had to write a college essay for my English class today. I thought for a long time about what I wanted to write about and then decided on the thing I know how to write about best. Guys, Life, Stuff. We were allowed to write about anything we wanted as long as it was something unique to us.

There are a lot of unique things about me, I don’t really fit into that average teenage girl mold under most circumstances. But I think that there’s one thing that really represents that is this blog. It’s about what goes on inside my head, the things I find interesting, the things I love and the things I hate.

My parents have often questioned why I don’t just write in a journal, or keep a diary. But I had a pretty specific reason for wanting to write a blog, and I didn’t really realize it until jut recently. I go though a lot of things, feel a lot of pain and face a lot of hardship. And sometimes it feels like its just for no reason. I want to know that my pain isn’t for nothing. I want to know that the good times in my life aren’t just passing memories. I’ve always believed that one of the best ways to learn is to learm from other people’s mistakes.

As humans we want to know that we are not just passing winds. To know the the effect we have on the world is more than temporary. That our lives and our stories are worth something, and have value and can make a change. So that’s why I chose a blog. Because even if nobody reads it, it has potential to make a difference. To be a force of some sort.

Random fact of the day- Charlie McDonnel is an introvert, (things that are important for you to know.)

Mission of the Day- stretch and make a sound like a baby dinosaur.

Love you!



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