Day 293

I haven’t much time, and I haven’t much to say.

I’m tired, I need to study, and most importantly I need to go to bed.

Tomorrow is my last day of classes before finals and then a week from now I’m officially done with my junior year. I’ve been trying to avoid talking about it. I’m not sure how I feel not it, and it hasn’t hit me yet. Usually I’m anticipating summer and counting every minute until I’m free from the evil clutches of school, but I’ve been working until the very last moment with various projects and tests. I haven’t even had time to start studying for finals yet. I’m starting to go a little nutty. Oh my…. More sleep, and more tea. That is the answer.

Random fact of the day- Hans Scholl’s last words were “long live freedom!”

Mission of the day- fall down on your knees and exclaim “NOOOOOOOO!!!!! WHY???” and then pretend to cry.

Love you!



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