Day 295

I took my Physics final today. As I finished it and turned it in I breathed a sigh of relief. It has been a long year of trying to stay ahead of Physics and trying to stay awake and as filled in the last bubble I just felt a huge weight off of my shoulder. (Oh my… that sounds way more dramatic than I intended it to… Sorry)

I’ve been listening to the song “She Walks Through Me” over and over again all day.

I love the way she walks right through me

It’s a song about falling in love with a ghost… Naturally. But I love the melody and the beat. I just can’t help but sing it along.

Today we had middle school Core and I had an interesting discussion in my small group with my 8th grade girls. We were talking about the difference between physical and emotional relationships. There are people who get into relationships that quickly become very physical and then there are huge issues when that relationship ends. I’m not like that. I’m an emotional girl (surprise right?) I get emotionally involved and attached in relationships and then when that relationship ends there is a ton of pain. Whether that be a friendship or a relationship with a boy.

I have a theory about emotional relationships. They’re like tape, and different kinds of people use different kinds of tape.

There are your Post-it People. They stick their relationships everywhere and anywhere they want. They stick, but are removed with almost no effort. A tiny breeze will blow it away, the slightest change of the mind. With a little time the glue wears off and that Post-it flutters away. And then that relationship is moved there is no pain attached to it.

There are your Reckless Duct Tape People. They throw everything they have into every relationship they’re in. They throw themselves at anyone they can. They attach all of themselves to the closest person they can find. They stick themselves like Duct Tape to anything with no attention to how it is placed or where it is. And when those relationships are removed it hurts. It just tears you apart.

There are your Careful Duct Tape People. They take their time in relationships. They pick out their Duct Tape carefully. They put extensive amounts of time into choosing the color of the Duct Tape and where they’re going to put it. They slowly smooth their Duct Tape on to the surface they choose, they make sure there is no dirt under it or no air bubbles. They are careful and don’t get themselves into relationships unless they’ve deeply thought about it but once they’re in, they’re in for good. And when a relationship like that ends, when that Duct Tape is pulled off it rips away at the flesh underneath. It hurts like nothing else. To quote Colin Singleton “It hurts. It hurts like a beating.”

Then there are your Band-aid People. They are intentional in their relationships. The relationships they choose to engage in have meaning and purpose. They’re thought out and deliberate. However, it’s not that sticky at first. The relationship holds up, and the Band-Aid holds up against water and movement but can still be removed fairly painlessly. But the longer the relationship is present, the longer the Band-Aid is on, the stronger the bond is. The longer the Band-Aid is on the harder it gets to take it off. It hurts to remove, but it has made a difference. It has served the purpose it was placed there for.

I guess I would say that the Band-Aid relationship is the healthiest one, but so few people work like that.

Random Fact of the Day- There are more than 20 different colors of Duct Tape.

Mission of the Day- What kind of person are you?

Love you!



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