Day 309

I’m sitting in the employee cafeteria, minding my own business when I hear someone say “now that’s a lot of funnel cake.” And everyone around them laughed. This made me laugh, because I started thinking about what kind of story must have preceded a punch line like that. But then it got me thinking. There are other people on this planet.

As I’m becoming a working person I’m starting to see all kinds of new things. I’ve gotten to experience all different things. The other day there was a group of 3 guys my age who came into the restaurant and I took them to their table. They were very obviously checking me out and as I walked away from their table and back to the podium it made me think. How many times have I been at a store or restaurant with a friend and pointed out an attractive guy? It never occurred to me that they might notice that, or have thoughts about it. I was suddenly on the other end of that, and it was weird to say the least.

Maybe you’re not like this, but I tend to forget that other people are real. Not that I’m self centered, but I forget that other people are still living their lives, even when I’m noy interacting with them. It’s like the dead man at the beginning of Paper Towns. Margo says that she never thought of him as more than something that happened to her. And we do that with people. We (or at least I) often see them as supporting roles or sometimes even props in a play that’s all about me. And that’s horrible to admit, it makes me look like a self-centered jerk-face. But I’m willing to bet I’m not the only one who does it.

Let me say that I know that people have feelings, and that they exist without me. It’s just a subconscious habit to focus solely on myself, my emotions, my thoughts, and my needs.

Random Fact of the Day- panty hose are the worst things ever. No, that’s not an opinion. It’s a fact.

Mission of the Day- look at someone differently.

Love you!



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