Day 316

Soooooo… I was gone all of the past week at the EFCA Conference, Challenge 2012. And it was the most incredible week of my life. I learned so much, but most of all, I felt.

I felt more than I have in months. I felt happiness, peace, passion, and joy. It’s so easy to get caught up in my life. In the hardships, the drama, the boys (haha, I make it sound like they’re everywhere) and I just start to forget. I forget how loved I am, how lovely the world is, and how incredible life is.

There was an incredible speaker at Challenge named Bryan McWhite. He was so awesome. As Christians we focus a lot on life after death, but he was talking about life BEFORE death. About being alive and having purpose.

Gosh, there’s so much I want to tell you, but it’s late. I promise to write regularly, I’ll be home a lot more after this.

Random fact of the day- June is accordion awareness month.

Mission of the day- ponder the purpose of an accordion.

Love you!



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