Day 331

Don’t freak out… Those words I was telling you about yesterday have been making me think and smile all day long.

If God has a plan for my life, and if everyday of my life was written out before I was even conceived then I’m obviously following it in some way. Honestly, I don’t have any perfect answers as to what I’m supposed to do with my life, where I’m suppose to go or who I am supposed to be. But I’m starting to understand that that is just a part of life. Being unsure and insecure. It’s what we are all doing. So we might not take exactly the right road every single time we are faced with a choice, but, hey, all roads lead to Rome. And if living a purposeful life that brings glory to something greater than myself is the goal then it must be Rome.

Does that give me any more direction than what I have? No. Does it give me peace that I can live with purpose? Absolutely.

I’m sorry, I’m not sure if that made any sense whatsoever, but I think I know what I mean. And you can always ask me about it when I confuse you (notice the use of the word “when” and not “if”)

Random Fact of the Day- President Obama has a tumblr.

Second Random Fact of the Day- My phone’s autocorrect knows the word “Obama” but not the word “autocorrect”

Mission of the Day- enjoy a Harry Potter themed food.

Love you!



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