Day 332

I wish I could say that my mind is full of deep and thought provoking things, but the fact is that I’m tired.

I spent a lovely evening with some friends at a coffee shop discussing all kinds of crazy things. But the biggest thing in my mind at the moment is hipsters.

As humans we all want to be unique, right? So we often fight what we view as “mainstream” in order to embrace individuality. I’ll admit it, I was a hipster child. I changed my favorite color because everyone liked blue, I refused to own a Tomagochi because everyone had them and I took pride in my extreme weirdness and social awkwardness. I wanted to be unique and different from everyone else.

But here’s the thing, people pursue being different and find that other people also share that pursuit and desire, so the team-up in their ambitions to be different. And with that you get an army of hipsters that complain about mainstream when in reality their “hipster-osity” is what everyone is doing.

In the way we all desire to be unique, we also desire to be liked. We want to be accepted and liked by our peers. We go extremely out of our ways to get these things, some of us more than others.

I love the idea of hipsters, because I’ve always identified with that desire to define the ordinary. And by the intended definition of the word I think I could be considered that. But the thing is, I’m not actively pursuing being different just for the sake of being unique. I’m simply doing what I do.

Random Fact of the Day- in his auto biography, Harry Gibson coined the term hipster somewhere between 1939 and 1945.

Mission of the Day- discover something… Anything.

Love you!



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