Day 342

I wish I had a ton of deep things to say to you, but all I have is one rather childish thing to say.

Why are people so mean?

Today at work there was a girl who was just so cold toward me and who treated me like I was a complete idiot and a loser and I don’t understand. Yea, I’m not all that cool. In fact, I’m kind of a nerd and I’m weird and I trip over my own feet and I wear nerd glasses and put my hair in a bun and wear weird t-shirts. I’m not what you would call “hip” and that’s just who I am. And I’m not the smartest person on the face of the earth. Sometimes I can’t comprehend people, sometimes I stare into space, sometimes I can’t remember what comes after Q. I assure you that It’s because my brain is doing much more important things.

So no, I’m not claiming to be perfect, but when did weirdness or slowness become an excuse to be rude to one another? When did it become a sport to hurt one another? When did gossip become an art?

I’m not off the hook here. I’ve been rude to people, I’ve talked about people behind their backs, but I’ve spent a good amount of time trying to think about the effect my words have on other people. Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will maime my soul. And I don’t want my soul destroyed, nor do I want to be responsible for the destruction of another person’s soul.

I think we all know why we talk about others behind their backs. It makes us feel less screwed up when we talk about other people’s problems. It makes us feel normal. It also gives us a way to look “cool” in front of our peers. And don’t we all want to know that We’re cool?

Random Fact of the Day- According to the Forbes standard a four star restaurant must ask their guests if the table is “suitable”

Mission of the Day- consider your words.

Love you!



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