Day 358

Gosh I’m tired.

You know, its incredible how much you can think about a single person or situation. I’ve often been grateful that mind reading isn’t possible yet (that we know of) for many reasons. I think people would be genuinely afraid of me if they knew what went on inside my head, because it is straight up weird. I have the weirdest and most random thoughts. Half the time I’m on a totally different planet. Another reason, I wouldn’t want people to know how I feel about them (unless I’m choosing to express it.) If you’re a girl you know the things that run through your head when the boy you like talks to you. It’s nothing bad, but its nothing you want him to know. And lastly, I’m honestly afraid of hearing what people might think of me.

I don’t consider myself shallow, but I’d much rather not know the negative things people think about me. Think them if you’d like, I just don’t want to hear it. That scares me more than most things.

Random Fact of the Day- The color black is slimming to wear and makes you look better. That’s why fancy restaurants have dimmer lighting, it makes your date look better. Now to find a date…

Mission of the Day- Answer me this: have you ever felt the need to out baby carrots up your nose?

Love you!



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