What I want for life… 354 to go…

Gosh, I’m exhausted. I worked all day with only an hour and a half to recollect my brain in the middle (not that there’s much of it left to collect) I want to answer the second part of the question from a couple of days ago.

I believe there are things we want from our lives, but there are also things we want for our lives. And some of those things are the same. I want purpose from my life, but I also want purpose for my life. I want beauty from my life but I also want beauty for my life. It’s not a difference I can explain to you, its one you have to figure out on your own or ask me about in person.

The biggest thing I want for my life is a legacy. I want to leave a legacy, I went my life to be a legacy. People leave legacies for all sorts of things for all sorts of reasons. The legacies that have touched me the most have been the legacies left by my friends in the class of 2011. Their investment in my life and in the lives of some of my friends who are my age and younger has been the legacy I can see clearest. A legacy of love, friendship, godliness, wisdom, fun and guidance. That is the kind of legacy I want for my life.

I want to leave a legacy for the kind of girl I was. Not the kind of girl I hoped to be, but the kind of girl I was. And I want that girl to be worthy of a legacy. A good, positive, beautiful legacy.

Question of the Day- what do you want for your life?

Random Fact of the Day- The color blue does something  to make you feel less hungry, which is why some All-you-can-eat restaurants serve their food on blue plates.

Mission of the Day- tell someone in your life that they are beautiful. Mean it, too.

Love you!



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