343 to go…

If only I had something worth hearing to say. Do you know what I’m feeling right now? Terribleness. That is what I’m feeling.

I had a beautiful day with my two best friends, but I still feel bad inside. What the heck is wrong with me? Do I need meds or sleep or a special institution or a shrink or some paint or tea? Like, seriously. Why do I feel so terrible?

I find myself believing that “if that boy liked me I would be happy” or “if I was as pretty as that girl I would be happy” but the truth of the matter is that it just won’t work.

It’s so easy to pretend things are ok. I’m really good at that, but that doesn’t change reality. Bleh.

I’m sorry for how terrible this is and how depressing I am and for my insecurities. This is my brain, folks. No PhotoShop or editing.



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