A mad woman with a blog. 338 to go…

The Doctor once said “I am definitely a mad man with a box.” And that’s how I feel today. I’m a mad woman with a blog. Is it weird to say that this blog is my TARDIS? My transportation to the rest of the universe, the thing that knows more what I need than what I want and the thing that understands me.

I think we all need a TARDIS. For me It’s blogging, singing and my piano. That is my TARDIS. I just finished watching The Doctor’s Wife and I was struck by the emotional connection between the Doctor and his living TARDIS. I’m beginning to think that your TARDIS is very similar to your Great Perhaps. Unfortunately, I can’t explain that yet. I feel a bit like Idris ” Are you going to steal me. You have stolen me. You are stealing me. Oh! Tenses are difficult, aren’t they?” If you don’t understand my nerddom than I’m afraid none of this will make sense to you.

Love you!



2 thoughts on “A mad woman with a blog. 338 to go…

    • I have not seen the new series yet. I am a strong believer in doing things in the order they were created to be done in, so I’m still working through all of the episodes on Netflix before I watch the new season. And that episode made me cry too. Poor Idris… The whole thing about “hello” was… Bleh, so sad.

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