One person. 330 to go…

I’m going to do some randomness here, because that’s what I do.

Occasionally I feel this gaping sense of loneliness. This feeling that I’m all alone with no one to talk to. My hug bucket is running on empty and the hugs I really want and need are far away or weird now. I feel as though I’ve lost my confidants. The people I relied on. I’ve got great friends, but I can’t explain to you all of the reasons why I tell the boy I text occasionally more than my best friends.

When I’m upset and drowning in this loneliness the only thing I know to do is cry, drink tea, hide in a book or call Gretchen. I legitimately don’t know how to handle this.

It’s hard. When people describe me it is usually “nice, funny, happy, outgoing, loud, friendly, happy, flamboyant, loud, weird, happy, loud, bubbly,” mostly loud, and happy. But I don’t honestly know what I am.

My parents have always given me the “be one person” speech. To be the same person in all aspects of my life. I’m just going to be honest, I’m not. I don’t always know who the purest, truest Abby is but she’s in there somewhere.

Question of the Day- is being one person easy? And do you do it?

Love you!



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