Healthy Rebellion. 329 to go…

From our birth to the day we die, we are taught to be polite and follow the rules. But when people become teenagers they have this crazy need to express their individuality and the negative emotions that they’ve been suppressing their entire lives.

Some kids run away from home, some do drugs, some sleep around, some dye their hair, some drink, some wear eyeliner, some get piercings and some just freak out. I’ve never been the type to do those sorts of things. I dye my hair when I get bored of how it looks, listen to music louder than I should, do donuts in the parking lot, stay out slightly later than I said I would, dance in the rain, wear funky clothing and drink “Naked” (the juice, not the state of being)

These little Healthy Rebellions fulfil that need in me. We all feel the need to be rebellious in some way or another. It’s just a matter of how we express that.

I call them Healthy Rebellions because that’s exactly what they are. Little, healthy ways to release that angsty teenage stuff we’ve got in our heads.

Question of the Day- What are your kind of healthy rebellions?

Random Fact of the Day- Händel’s Messiah was written to raise money to get people out of debtors prison. Thanks to my father for this.

Mission of the Day- pretend to be a disco ball. Whatever that means to you.

Love you!



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