Big-ness. 325 to go…

Big-ness. I have this theory that some people are bigger than others. Personality and impact wise. They are some how larger than the rest of us. They fill up a room more, they leave funnier stories, they make a more significant difference.

They are some how bigger than you. You look at them and are awed by their state of big-ness. As a little kid you looked up to the “big kids” and their big-ness did not come only from their size or their age, but simply from their existence. You are aware that they are more than you are.

I don’t know how else to explain it. You hope to be as Big, but you never realize how Big you are until someone else does. It’s weird. And I’m no good with words. Ask me about it sometime.

Question of the Day- thoughts?

Love you!



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