Attraction. 324 to go…

Have you ever thought about what is attractive to you? I was talking to a friend about a boy who I am rather fond of and she said “he is so weird and kind of obnoxious.” And that made me begin to ponder what it is about him that I fond so attractive.

You see, this guy and I have so much in common. We like the same nerdy television shows, watch the same YouTubers, listen to the same music, read the same books and make the same jokes. It’s crazy to me how much I have in common with him and no one else. The fact that he can make a little comment in a conversation that will only make sense to me. And I don’t know if I would say that I find that attractive, but I am attracted to that.

I can’t explain to my friends why it is that I’m so attracted to this guy because they don’t understand how much those little quirks mean to me. They are drawn to totally different things. And maybe I would never understand the kind of guys they are attracted to.

It says something about what we value. I don’t know how to describe that. I’m kinda tired and I’ve had a really weird day.

I had a long Skype discussion with my lovely friend Gretchen today and I was just so blessed by that time. I can’t explain to you how good it was for my mental health (and we both know that I need a little help in this area.)

Love you!



One thought on “Attraction. 324 to go…

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