Homecoming. 320 to go…

I had an incredible time at homecoming last night.

We all dressed up and took pictures and ate dinner and then went to the dance for an hour and saw all the beautiful people and “danced” a little.

Afterward, we went laser tagging in our dresses. We showed up in our homecoming dresses and sneakers and played three games of laser tag with a bunch of guys we didn’t know. It was so incredibly fun. We met up with a bunch of juniors who had ditched the dance early and they played a game with us. After the laser tag place closed we went to this little diner where we had milkshakes and cheese frys at midnight. We drove and listened to Taylor Swift and laughed and discussed our childhoods.

I went over to Rachel’s after that and we stayed up late talking about boys, and family and college. Guys, Life, Stuff.

It was such a fabulous time and I didn’t have a date and I didn’t have a $200 dress and I didn’t see the boy I like and I didn’t get drunk, but I had way more fun than a lot of other people who did all of that.

I often joke about being a good girl and my horrible luck with boys and the fact that I don’t do drugs or whatever silly high schoolers do and that I’ve never kissed a boy, but honestly, I’m having so much fun! And I’m not having horrible regrets about all the mistakes I’ve made. I’d say that I’m doing pretty well for a public schooled seventeen year old.

Love you!



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