312 to go…

Quite honestly, I don’t know what to write about. I’m tired and I’ve had two days off for hurricane Sandy, but I have to go to school tomorrow (bleh)

I’ve had a bit of an emotional weekend. I finished season six of Doctor Who, which is the last season on netflix and I’m actually pretty broken up about it. I feel like I’ve lost something. My ability to feel emotionally connected to fictional characters is unparalleled.

But also, I am in a play with some very good friends of mine and we’ve had a good amount of practice recently. There is one scene that I play a pivotal role in that just breaks my heart every time. We practiced it a bunch of times tonight and I just had to cry afterward. I’m not saying what it is in case you’re coming to see the show.

I have a bunch of things to say, but they’re mostly about various boys and I’m not ready to just dump all of that right here.

Love you!

Mission of the Day- make funny faces in the mirror for a few minutes.



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