Panic Attack. 302 to go…

I guess We’re all different, so we can each feel things differently. In that case, I’m having a panic attack.

In the past couple of months it has been happening more frequently. The first time that I remember it happening was while I was standing in the dining hall in a certain college. As all the people filed around me and made noise and I looked for my friends I suddenly felt like the world was spinning and that I had to sit down. I couldn’t breathe or even eat. It was terrible. I had never felt any thing like it before.

But tonight, after a fun time with my parents and then with some friends and then with my brother, I lost my contact solution. You have to understand, I had just had it in my hand, I’m on my last pair of contacts and I broke my glasses yesterday. So as I looked for it I suddenly couldn’t breathe, I felt sick to my stomach, I thought I was going to cry and I couldn’t stand. Eventually, my dad helped me solve the problem. But I legit couldn’t handle it.

It’s happened several times over the last two months. As the plane landed last night I could barely breathe and nearly passed out.

I’m noticing how many things make me nervous and how poorly I react.

I’ve never had a problem with anxiety. Or at least I’ve never had one bad enough to talk about with other people. What on earth is happening to me?

Breathing exercises… Breathe in, breathe out. Breathe in, breathe out. Breathe in…

I don’t know how I’m going to make it.



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