The way they look at me. 299 to go…

I have an incredible friend named Monica. Monica is my blogging/Doctor Who/John Green/One Direction friend. And over the past couple of months she has been the greatest encouragement to me. Monica has been supportive, loving, encouraging and brilliant when I need her most. Monica has been the proof to me that I’m not writing this blog for nothing. Through blogging we have built an incredible friendship and we’ve been able to learn from one another.

You know how we tend to idolize people? When I was a sophomore, I looked at my friend Erin and thought she was perfect. She was beautiful, an artist, brilliant, kind and wonderful. She was all of the things I ever hoped to be. I was often worried that she would think I was weird if she knew how cool I thought she was, and maybe she did. But as I see how some of my younger friends look at me I’m not weirded out, I’m flattered. Like, beyond flattered. Most girls will say that they don’t think they’re beautiful and they’re telling the truth. So, to know that someone thinks you’re beautiful and wonderful is an incredible thing. I’m not saying I deserve it. I never could, but I’m so blessed by the support.

As I grow up, I’m not sure what I want to be, but I know who I want to be.

Question of the Day- who do you want to be?

Mission of the Day- tell someone how wonderful you think they are and be honest.

Love you!


Ps- I would never forget about you Bethany. I can’t even words about how much you mean. You’re both so incredibly special to me.


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