I hate anger. 292 to go…

I don’t quite know what to write about. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, which I’m sure you’re aware of. So yay (I have to work in the morning, I’m not a huge fan of that.)

Do you know what I hate? Anger. I can’t handle people being angry at me and I can’t stay angry at people. I’ve tried, I just can’t. I really hate having people upset at me. Part of that is my insecure nature and my desire to be liked, and part of it is that I can’t stand knowing that I’ve hurt someone’s feelings whether or not it was on purpose.

I think that guilt is a sign of God in us. As children we feel bad when we hurt other people. Some people grow up to turn off that emotion, but some don’t. Think about it, if my life is all about me and making me happy and fulfilling my needs, then why do I care what happens to you? I don’t. I don’t care if you die or if your feelings get hurt. But that’s not reality. At least not for me.

I care about other people’s feelings. And there’s no way to explain that without saying “well, We’re all humans and we all deserve to feel happiness because my life is not just about me.” You just can’t.

Mreh… I have a ton of things on my mind. Boys, boys, sleep, college, work, boys and boys. In that order. But you don’t want me to moan about how terrible my life is right now, because:
1) my life is great
2) It’s all ridiculous emotions
3) I’m too tired to make any sense.


Love you!



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