Are we all Frodo? 255 to go…

I watched The Fellowship of the Ring with my family this evening and it made me think.

Frodo Baggins was unlike other Hobbits. He was more adventurous and wanted to know what went on outside of the Shire. The rest of the hobbits were happy to just farm and hang out.

I’ve always identified with Frodo. I’ve always felt for Susan Pevensie. I’ve always understood Ariel. I’ve always connected with Hermione.

They’re all characters who are unlike the rest of the world they live in. They want adventure and are not content with the norm, unlike their families and friends. And I’ve always felt like that. But here’s the question. Who doesn’t? There’s gotta be someone who is a happy Hobbit, just eating second breakfast and smoking a pipe contentedly. But who are these people?

I’ve always seen myself as someone who is different from the world around me. I read more, I still play imaginary games, I want adventure, I’m not content to sit around and do the same thing everyday. But maybe I’m not that special.

Maybe we’re all like that. And that’s what I’m beginning to understand.

We all have these great expectations and hopes and dreams and fears and quirks that we think we are alone in. I think we are less alone than we believe.

I’ve never met someone who felt for the bullies in Narnia or for Ariel’s other sisters. So maybe we all want adventure and some of us are just more shy about it.

Love you!



One thought on “Are we all Frodo? 255 to go…

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