Reclaiming my life. 195 to go…

I don’t know what to say. I have a boy on my mind. A kind, smart, funny boy who makes me laugh and who I really like. But there is another boy on my mind. A sweet, flirtatious, suggestive and interesting boy who used to make me giggle. I’ve told you about this BrownEyed boy before. Made me feel like a girl, saved all of his texts, gave him my heart, turned out he didn’t want it. Classic Abby meets boy scenario.

I’m beginning to understand how hard it is to reclaim your heart once you’ve given it away. I often joke about being a hopeless Romantic and letting my heart fly free, and that has started to get me in trouble. I put all of my emotional energy into this one relationship with this boy and when it became evident that the attention was not returned all of that energy became for naught. But I was so used to putting my energy there. I was used to texting him all day and for him to make me smile. I was depending on his consistency in my life and then it all ended.

Now I’m trying to reclaim my life. But I feel that hole, especially when I’m around him.

I need to go to bed…

Love you!



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