The Fifth. 153 to go…

Tonight was the last night of The Fifth, a six week drama series that we did in my youth group that was my graduation project.

I want to write one hundred things but I can’t put any of them into words.

This project has taught me so much. It has taught me how much harder I need to work than I think I need. It has taught me the importance of communication. It has taught me about who I am.

The whole theme of this project was identity and about the different things that people find their identities in. I’ve begun go understand the ways in which I hide from my identity and the ways I try to identify myself.

I played a loud and humorous character who has virtually no depth and yet I learned so much from her. I’ve come to see how much I hide behind jokes and snarky comments and my loud laugh. You don’t see it here, because this is where I’m able to be 100% honest, but in real life I sometimes struggle to show who I really am. I am so full of insecurity and fear that I just cover up who I am for fear of people not liking who I am.

To my cast:
Bethany– You are so quick to work with me and be flexible and I am so blessed by the beautiful friend you are.
Josiah– You have put up with every ridiculous request and have encouraged me in so many ways.
Noel- You put your heart into everything and, gurl, you can rap!
Kaitlynn- You are such a touch of Sunshine and you’re beautiful.
Ally- You are as cool as they come and you brighten every moment.
Kayla- You are so creative and wonderful.
Becca- You are my amazing “daughter” I am so glad for every moment I have gotten to share with you. You are such a beautiful young woman and I’m deeply blessed by your friendship.
Josh- We tease you because we care. I love you man. You are kind, respectful and hilarious. Please wonderful forever.
Anna- You are a constant encouragement and I’m so glad to have a friend like you through everything.
Zach- There are no words. Absolutely none. I adore you and think that you’re hilarious.
Meesh- You have been with me through every step to help me make decisions and write. I love you.

To my mentors:
David- You have been so great and flexible and enourging. I’m wo grateful for everything you did.
Elya– You have been supportive through every endeavor and you have given me incredible guidance and insight into drama and life. I couldn’t have done this without you.

Love you!



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