Teenage Angst. 136 to go…

I watched High School Musical 1 & 2 today. Judge me.

We spent the whole movie laughing at stupid things and swooning over Zach Effron. We were making fun of the overly dramatized teenage angst displayed by the various characters and I realized that I’m experiencing teenage angst.

I’m graduating tomorrow. What? I feel like I need to see and meet and do. I want to do crazy things to let out this angst inside of me. Tonight, we jumped in a creek after dark just for fun because we felt like we needed to do something. That act of doing was so relieving. It was crazy in the moment and we were laughing like idiots but it felt so right.

Sometimes we need to acknowledge our angst. We need to realize It’s there. Treat it, give it something to keep it busy, relieve it. We spend so much time trying to squash our angst and just say that It’s silly and not real, but that’s not true.

We all get angsty and feel like we need to move and go and do. So why don’t we? If We’re not breaking the law and not hurting anyone then what’s the harm in letting off some of the built up angst steam?

Mission of the Day- Go do something.

Question of the Day- What have you always wanted to do when you’re feeling angsty? Leave me a comment!

Love you!



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