Independence.127 to go…

There is a creaky patch on the floor right in front of my bedroom which makes it really hard to sneak into the house quietly.

The past couple of nights I have been out late with friends and I love it. This is ideally how I want to spend my life. Work some random shifts and then just hang out with friends the rest of the time.

I’m craving independence. I don’t want to come home by ten, I don’t want to tell my parents where I’m going, I don’t want to clean my room, I don’t want to wake up at eight. I wanna stay out late and talk to my friends and get sushi and watch movies and play card games and just talk and sleep in and have crepes for breakfast. I so want to be free…

The closer college gets the more excited I am. I can’t wait. I can’t wait to live on my own. I can’t wait to make my own schedule and I can’t wait to be responsible for myself.

Being eighteen is really difficult. You’ve spent eighteen years being a person who essentially belongs to your parents and then suddenly you have independence and responsibility thrust upon you. Suddenly, you need to pay your own taxes, you go to the doctor by yourself, you sign your own papers, you can get a tattoo, you hold your country’s government in your hands, you could go and get married. You are expected to be an adult but to still live with and submit to your parents. Half of your life is telling you that you’re your own person and to make your own choices. The other half is telling you to obey and that your newfound adulthood is not that important. As eighteen-year-olds, we don’t yet belong. We are ready for the independence of college or work or life, but are forced info the submission of childhood. This results in such frustration…

My thoughts (as a non-professional eighteen-year-old,)
They need their freedom. Teach them how to be free and independent and still make healthy choices while they’re still around. Establish rules of independence and then slowly lift the rules and build good habits in independence.

Love you!



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