Reset My Life. 87 to go…

So I wrote about reseting my brain last week and I wanna give you a little update.

I didn’t end up going camping last weekend because it rained all weekend so we ended up just hanging around campus and having fun and being together.

So I’ve come to realize that I’m not reseting my brain, I’m reseting my life. I’m starting from the bottom and tearing it up and replanting the various elements of my life. I mentioned cleaning my Room: that was a big step.

If you know me at all in real life then you know that I’m somewhere between a hurricane and a viking when it comes to the spaces I live in. I just blow through and throw things around and pick up what I need and then blow out. I don’t really live places.

(Meesh once said something hilarious to me. We were having one of those Angsty evenings where we needed to do something and I asked if she wanted to come to my house to watch The Office or something and she said “I don’t wanna go to your house. I feel like I LIVE in Houses.” I’ve been thinking about that a lot. At the time, I knew how she felt and I felt the same way, but I don’t think I do any more. I don’t live in houses. I sleep in houses. I live in the time in between.)

But anyway, I spend more time in my dorm room than I ever did in my room at home, and so it gets dirtier simply because I’m there more and I also am rushing around looking for notebooks, sweaters, my lab coat or any number of crazy things. The fact that my room was a mess was seriously stressing me out. I felt like I couldn’t get work done. My sheets felt dirty and my towels felt grimy. So I washed my laundry, and took everything off of my bed. I also moved my bed frame so that I could sleep on it more effectively and I cleaned everything off of my desk and moved my desk so I can actually use it for Work.

It sounds simple, but even that step just has made my life easier and more relaxed.

I’ve been attempting to cut out all negativity from my life. I took some time to figure out the weird relationships in my life and have taken the time to define them, at least within my own mind if not out loud. I’ve been listening to good music. I’ve read some good books and have been journaling more. I’ve worn my favorite sweater. I’ve been drinking green tea like it’s going out of style. I’ve been doing my homework on time (even early!) I’ve been going to my classes on time (I’ve been 6 minutes late to all of my classes since I’ve gotten here, (which isn’t terrible) but I’ve been making an effort to be on time if not slightly early. I had been stressed about my chem lab because I had been sick and missed a lab and didn’t know how to make it up and if you know me at all then you know that my first thought when I get stressed is “GIVE UP!” so my first reaction to missing lab was “I should probably just skip it for the rest of the semester.” and I had to seriously fight myself on that (good news, I won.)

I’m feeling really good. Life is just so full. I’m working. I’m sleeping. I’m getting stuff done.

I’m just so happy.

Love you!



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