Irrationally Happy. 83 to go…

Are there things that make you irrationally happy? I most certainly do

This song:
This song:
Any time that A Very Potter Musical comes on my iPod.
When Meesh texts me.
When my brother Jonathan calls me.
Vanilla coke.
The colors of fall.
The movie The Lorax.
Whenever the VlogBrothers release a new video.
When people comment on or like my blog posts.
This song:
Chocolate milk.
Long Skype dates.
Looking at pictures of me and my friends.
Singing harmony.
Finding a new favorite song.
Reading really good poetry.
Driving with the windows down.
Driving stick shift.
Hugs from someone who is your perfect hugging height.
Walking in the sun.
Wasting time with people who make me laugh.
Big sweaters.
When I know someone loves me back.
Snapchats of the beautiful Meera.
Whenever anything from Newsies comes on my iPod.
Wearing maxi skirts.
When my friends call me.
Late night talks with my roommate.
Sappy love songs.
Really good pizza.
Taking notes in my favorite pen.
Getting letters in the mail.
This song:
The smell of wood smoke.
Watching New Girl.
Tea in my TARDIS mug.
Playing the piano.
Compliments from strangers.
Really good books.

I love a lot of things and I’m really happy about my life right now.

Mission of the Day- Tell me all of the things that make you irrationally happy. Don’t be afraid to be repetitive. I know that I was.

Love you!



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