Things are looking up. 77 to go…

I am absolutely in love with this song. Seriously. I’ve had it on repeat for 2 days and have already learned the ukulele part and can’t wait to go home and learn how to play it with a friend of mine (hopefully Meera is as excited about this as I am 😉 ) But the version that I love even more is this one:

I don’t know. I just love the harmonies and I love Carrie Hope Fletcher in general (watch her YouTube videos. They’re fantastic.)

My favorite lyrics are just the chorus:

Things are looking up, looking up (hey!)
There’s magic everywhere you go
Strangers stop to say hello (hello, hello, hello)
So turn it up, turn it up (hey!)
As loud as you can make it go
‘Cause love is on the radio

Things really are looking up. I’m going home for Thanksgiving tomorrow and I can hardly wait. I am so ready to be home and see everyone and hug my mom and hang out with Meesh and not wear flip flops in the shower and make eggs and go to work and drive and go to my church and play on my piano and watch Doctor Who with Jonathan. I seriously cannot wait.

But at the same time, I’m going to miss my friends here. I’ve been very blessed to have such incredible friends here. Especially my dear friends Grace, Kelly and Lexie.


Aren’t we just adorable?

I’m seriously so thankful to have made such amazing friends so quickly in my time here. I can’t imagine how lonely college would be without these three by my side. There are some friends in life that you just know were put there to make you a better person and to challenge you and help you grow and I know that’s exactly why God blessed me with such beautiful, kind, hilarious and generally marvelous friends.

11/23/13 Snow with Grace and Kelly!

As it’s beginning to get cold and the skies get grey I know that I can count on them to lift me up and keep me positive. So thanks girls. You always keep me looking up ❤ I love you all!

Love you!



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