a SAD poem. 61 to go…

the Sun comes out
the world is bright

Hope blooms
Joy flourishes
Laughter sings

the cold winter is forgotten
the promise of spring

no sadness
no pain
no stress

for just a moment
All is well

but in comes the Darkness

the sun has left
the world is Dark

Pain grabs
Depression suffocates
Defeat consumes

the sun has left us
the sun does not love us

no hope
no joy
no laughter

for many months
Nothing is right

but the Sun will come again
Hope will stand on feeble feet
Laughter will return with the birds
Healing will come with the Sun
Joy will come with the flowers

the darkness cannot last forever
it will not last forever
and neither will
the pain
the depression
the defeat

for darkness does not come
without the Promise of


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