i am a woman. 36 to go…

i’m not a
delicate teacup
for you to
enjoy without

nor am i a
simple mug
for you to
drink from

i’m not a pretty
meant to be
left on a shelf
and looked at

nor am i a
kitchen utensil
for you to use
as it suits you

do not try
to personify me
into the manmade
around you

my heartbreak
is not art
and my tears
are not poetry

my pain is not
a painting you can
sit and stare at
and attempt to
find meaning in

i am not
some beautiful
porcelain jar
that can hold
my thoughts
and sit quietly

i was made
from the mud
of this earth

i am dark
and misshapen

i have been dropped
and cracked
and slowly
chipped away

so don’t look
for me
in the things
you have made
look for me
in the things
you cannot control

find me
laughing in the
colors of fall

find me
singing in the
babbling brook

find me
dancing in the
spring breeze

find me
screaming in the

find me
running in the
rolling hills

i am not
something you
can understand
and i am not
something you
can stop

I don’t typically share my poetry on this blog, but it took me several hours to write this one and I’m very proud of it. I’ve been thinking a lot recently about how we try to write about people so we can understand and capture them, and this came of that.

Love you!



One thought on “i am a woman. 36 to go…

  1. I wrote a poem in a similar vein, about women as teacups, a few years back. I like your take on the bravery of fragility- that’s not to say that women are fragile creatures, but that we must rise above the ideals of society and men at large. Again, nice work! Thanks for sharing!

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