About the Original Project

So if you don’t know this already… My name is Abby. I’m a sophomore at a school, in the world, in a country. I am a pastors kid at a church in a city. I love my life, my friends, and my family. I love horses, piano, and basically anything shiny. I love God and that will always come before anything. So that’s me in 53 words. Learn to love it!

Welcome to my blog. Hope ya love it! If not… well I’m working on it. There are so many people that do something different every day for a year and blogging about it. My brother and I were thinking of interesting things I could do every day. But the only one we came up with was eating a burrito everyday for a year. We decided this was a bad idea since it would give us Monster Gas for the rest of our lives. So instead I decided to just blog everyday for a year. About nothing in particular.

Everyday there will be two things that are truly Abby in my posts. A random fact of the day (they won’t be related to anything. Just for the fun of it) and a mission of the day. If you read the mission of the day (MOD) you are obliged by the powers of awesomeness to complete it and comment about the result of your mission. The MOD could be serious, funny, or just plain weird. Depends on the day.

Now one last thing. Guys, Life, Stuff. Whats up with that right? Well it is the answer to all of your questions.

“Whats wrong?” “Guys, Life, Stuff”
“Hows it goin?”  “Guys, Life, Stuff”
“Whats for dinner?”   “Guys, Life, Stuff”
“What are you thinking about?”  “Guys, Life, Stuff”
“Abby, what the heck are you bloging about???”   “Guys, Life, Stuff”

And so it goes. For 1 year I will in fact blog about…  Well come on you can guess it!     GUYS, LIFE, STUFF!! There you have it! That’s about it. Hope you enjoy this wild ride your joining with me. Lets just pray that between you, and me, and God we can survive it. They say sophomore year is the worst. I guess we will find out won’t we?

(Just please remember that there are going to be days that I won’t be able to blog. Please don’t get upset with me)


PS- if your reading this then… MOD- Subscribe to my blog! (That’s an order soldier)

Random fact of the year- I am no Muggle.


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