Confidence Conference. 220 to go…

I’ve been meaning to write about this for a while and now seems as good a time as any to do it.

During both my freshman and sophomore year I helped plan an event called the Confidence Conference. It is a conference run by teenage girls for teenage girls on the issues of Godly confidence and such. The idea was conceived by my friend Autumn Joy in 2009 and through the help of a creative team this vision was realized in early 2010. I assisted in the planning the first year and put in a lot of work. But the second year we did it was extra special. I handled most fundraising opportunities and a lot of the expenses. The ideas were more original, the speaker was someone I had suggested (my mom’s college room mate to be exact,) and I taught a break out session. I took a lot of ownership in the process of the Confidence Conference and it was deeply important to me. We didn’t do a conference in 2012 for several reasons. Our youth pastor asked us not to do another one. So, when I was approached last spring about doing the conference at a different church, I said no.

It was a hard decision, but I got to participate in some really incredible opportunities because of it. But as the conference approached this year, I felt my bitterness growing. I heard two girls talking about it on the radio. Girls who hadn’t even been involved the first few years. I had done that job the year before. A letter was written to a couple of the planning committee from a very distinguished author. I just felt like my work had been in vain. That these girls who hadn’t put two years of their life into this were getting the credit for all of my blood, sweat and tears. I was even harboring bitterness against several of my friends who had continued on with the project even though we were asked not to.

I didn’t want to go, but I decided to go and I’m so glad that I did. I was deeply touched by the worship and the teaching and the time there. God reminded me that I was being ridiculous. I had not put that time into the conference for my glory, but for his. I was too busy being selfish to see what God was trying to do through me and the girls who planned the conference.

I was humbled and broken and so touched. My greed, selfishness and bitterness were holding me back, but God truly showed up.

Love you!



Day 123

Happy Fantastic Friday! Today has been a really good day. I didn’t do much, but it was nice. I went to school and did my school thing. No Pre-calc because I got out of a couple classes to listen to this woman speak about play production. It was very interesting. My parents have been bugging me (love them) about what I want to pursue in college and farther in life and in reality, I have close to no idea. But I love event planning (Confidence Conference) and so I thought it was really fascinating.

On the bus some irritating freshman were trying their hardest to bother me. I was ready to set some heads rolling. BLARG! I was so frustrated when I got home. So I just rolled up in a super soft blanket and caught a semi-nap on the couch for an hour or so. It was so nice. I need to sleep a little more, and work a little less. My parents call it building margin into my life, I call it an under-utilization of my precious time. Oh well…

Drove to get pizza with Dad and did some Owl City jamming. Thankfully dad understands me πŸ™‚ then we spent 2 hours watching Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. There were so many sad moments, and so many sad commercials. It was terrible! They’re trying to pull on my silly sensitive heartstrings, and it’s working! Mom and I laughed as we both sat there and cried over a stupid Hallmark commercial. πŸ™‚

I’ve been thinking about success today. In this crazy school I go to the whole focus of life is often to be the best. I’m not naturally an over achiever, but going to a school full of them can be a little stressful. A friend of mine with whom I ride the bus was upset today because she didn’t make it into National Honor Society. And I understand the disappointment of being rejected, but she then was saying what a failure she was. If my success or failure all depends on if I make it into a special society or based on my grades in Physics, then I’m not sure what I’m living for. Because personally I don’t want to live for a society, or live solely to understand Physics. I want to be a human being. I want to have fun, enjoy the world, spend time with people who are important to me, do things I love, and just live life. I want to add to this world in a way that is meaningful to other people on a deeper level, I want to be remembered as a person who worried more about people, and less about myself.

The more I think about what we put first in our lives the more I realize that we just stress ourselves out. We live in a society that is stuck in this terrible cycle of stressing ourselves out to get where we want to go, and then working more to get from there to the next better thing. I’ve been striving in my life to have peace. To remember that in the end the significance of my silly little failures is so minimal.

Those are my thoughts for the day…

Random fact of the Day- May 9th is Lost Sock Memorial Day. (story of my life, I never wear matching socks because I can never find them) *cue awkward smile*

Mission of the Day- Wear socks on your hand for an hour and see what you can and can’t do.



Day 103

So today was senior night at CORE (the new name for our new youth group). I don’t know when the last time was that I cried that hard or got that many hugs. I have been amazingly blessed this year to get to know a group of amazing seniors who have really changed my life for the better.

Erin- taught me what it meant to cry. And how to love people. That each child on this planet is a child of God whom He loves and cares for. When I think of who I want to be when I grow up, I know that I want to be a Godly woman like Erin.

Emma- taught me the power of a smile. How smiling at a person can change that persons day, and maybe even their life. Emma brings a smile into my day at 11:41 every day on the dot. And I wouldn’t trade it for anything. She taught me the importance of organization through the Confidence Conference. πŸ™‚

Alex- showed me that you can encourage a person simply with a word of praise for what they have done or who they are. I am encouraged by her everyday.

These are amazing Godly women who I am blessed to know. And then…

Mike- showed me that no matter an age difference having a conversation with someone will show them that they are important. Mike also taught me what it is a true Godly man looks like. Because even though as a human he might fail, he is willing to turn back to God and repent. I respect and admire that.

Tyler- showed me that caring about someone is interacting with them. By pushing me off of curbs and joking with me I know that Tyler and I are friends πŸ™‚ And that, I love

Random Fact of the Day- 10% of car thieves are left-handed. 100% of polar bears are left-handed. There is a 10% chance that your car was stolen by a polar bear.

Mission of the Day- Tell someone older than you that you love them!

Love you!

Day 96

you hear that Jets?? THE STEELERS ARE GOING TO THE SUPER BOWL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So exciting! Ben Worthlessberger is actually doin something good! The Packers are going down… there is no hope for them. And man am I excited!

So my friend Anna and I were talking today and we were having a great conversation! I’m teachingΒ  a break out session at the confidence conference about Spiritual Warfare. And we were talking about how much power we have as the children of God. And how the Devil will stand up against you and try to separate you from people who can help you. But we have hope.

Random Fact of the Day- the average 4 year old asks 400 questions per day… holy cow.

Mission of the day- Play the “Why Game”. Start a conversation and to everything they say ask “Why?” until you get to the very root of the statement. You get some interesting things.

Love you!


Day 88

So I have spent countless hours and days working on a Confidence Conference logo. And it didn’t go on any of the posters, information cards, or even booklets. Its ok its ok… at least it will be on the T-shirt right? ummm… maybe. They put the wrong logo on it!!!!! So I sent them an e-mail and said it was wrong but man I am stressed about it… BLAH!

So please please please be praying for me and pray for me to not be stressed and have faith that what needs to happen will happen.

Something I learned today? My plans aren’t God’s. I can put time and effort into things until I die, but if God isn’t behind it, it won’t occur the way it should. And thats good. Because God’s plans are the best and God’s plans are the only ones.

Random Fact of the Day- 90,000 comets have been discovered in the past 10 years… wow

Mission of the Day- Pretend you are 10 years younger for 10 minutes. Have fun!

Love you!


Day 86

Man this has been a busy week. I’m getting so bad at this write everyday thing. I’m gonna keep working at it. And thanks so much for putting up with my inability to stick to a routine. Not something I usually do… or am good at.

So last week on Monday night I slept over at Cindy’s house and woke up at 5 am to go to a far off town to be on the radio that morning. We get there and guess what?? WRONG DAY! We weren’t supposed to be there until THURSDAY!!! So Bethany (who was going to do it with me) and I go to school and have an awful, tired, and flat out goofy day. And then we do it all over again. Sleep over at Cindy’s house on Wednesday night, watch the other half of Napoleon Dynamite and then got up at 5 am (again) and drove all the way out there and were on the radio. and man we had sssoo much fun! But it was absolutely EXHAUSTING! I could have sworn that I was going to die. But it was great. And I would do it again. just not twice in the same week. πŸ™‚

I’m currently watching “Next great baker” and it is pretty intense! These are the kinds of things that I LOVE! Crazy contests and people getting eliminated and being sad and drama and stuff like that. Its great.

Random Fact of the Day- The largest pumpkin pie ever made was over five feet in diameter and weighed over 350 pounds. It used 80 pounds of cooked pumpkin, 36 pounds of sugar, 12 dozen eggs and took six hours to bake.

Mission of the Day- EAT SOME PIE! and then write a song about pie and sing it loudly!

Day 85

So there is this cool little thing on the side of my blog “dashboard” that s called “quickpress” and it lets me write my blog without making this whole new page! COOL!

Man this has been a long and tiring day. I need to go to bed asap. But first a few things.

I’ve been listening to “And If Our God is For Us” the album by Chris Tomlin. And I want it sooo bad! Its an amazing album and I think you guys should listen to it. The music is great and the message is greater.

I have so much to do for the Confidence Conference. I think it will be great once it is all done. But for now I’m a little stresssed. It should be fun. And it will be.

I want the world to know that I love my family. I just don’t like them sometimes. I like them 99.6% of the time. But I was trying to take a shower today and the water scalded me and then froze me 6 times in a row because there were 700 water using devices going at the same time!!! It turns a 10 minute shower in to a 20 minute shower…. BLARG!

Random Fact of the Day- If you simmer orange peels with cloves for a while it makes your whole house smell good and the oils left in the pot are great for your skin and make YOU smell good. (Crazy trick of my grandmothers πŸ™‚

Mission of the Day- Try it! -> (That is supposed to be pointing up… it didn’t work)

LOve you!